Beranda Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


The Indonesian Rising United Party is “Brotherhood, Equality and Togetherness of all Indonesian people for Indonesia. It should be dignified, sovereign, just and prosperous to maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia in realizing prosperity and lasting peace in the life of the nation and state.


Generating mutual respect and mutual respect in social life in equality and togetherness; Generating capabilities and expertise by improving the quality of independent human resources who are educated, skilled, dynamic and sustainable based on civilized human values ​​and still uphold human rights; Generating unity for a sense of working hand in hand, working together, and sharing the same fate in maintaining a safe, peaceful and peaceful life with equality and togetherness in the nation and state; Generating Unity to uphold justice and increase prosperity in a life that adheres to a people’s economy in order to create a strong, dynamic and sustainable economic resilience; Awaken, unite, take care