Beranda EDUCATION Partai IBU Officially Sues KPU RI in Administrative Court and Supreme Court

Partai IBU Officially Sues KPU RI in Administrative Court and Supreme Court

0 – Jakarta, Bawaslu stated that nine parties still did not pass the registration for the 2024 General Election.

Initially, Bawaslu RI received reports from 14 political parties regarding alleged administrative violations. Bawaslu then started the preliminary verdict hearing on Thursday (25/8/2022). In the trial, the report of the five parties was decided not to be followed up by Bawaslu.

After a preliminary decision was made, Bawaslu held a verdict hearing on reports from the Pelita Party and the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party (PARTAI IBU) which had been followed up. In the trial held on Friday (9/9/2022), both parties were declared to have failed to qualify for the 2024 election registration process.

“Judging, stating that the reported party has not been legally and convincingly proven to have committed an election administrative violation. This was decided at the Indonesian Bawaslu plenary meeting,” said Bawaslu RI Chairman Rahmat Bagja.

Bawaslu held another hearing on reports from seven other parties on Tuesday (13/9) yesterday. As a result, the seven parties still failed to qualify for the 2024 election registration process as can be read in the detiknews article, “List of 9 Parties Still Failed to Pass the 2024 Election After the Lawsuit Was Rejected by Bawaslu” in full /list-9-parties-still-failed-passing-election-2024-after-lawsuit-rejected-bawaslu.

“Thus, the hearing on the reading of the verdict on the election administration violation report with register numbers 006, 007, 009, 011, 013, 014 and 015 has been read out. Thus, today’s verdict reading session is closed,” he continued.

The following is a list of the nine parties that still failed to pass the 2024 election registration:

1. Partai Pelita

2. Partai Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu (PARTAI IBU)

3. Partai Bhineka Indonesia (PBI)

4. Partai Kedaulatan Rakyat

5. Partai Pandu Bangsa

6. Partai Negeri Daulat Indonesia (PANDAI)

7. Partai Masyumi

8. Partai Kedaulatan

9. Partai Reformasi

According to Dr. (Cand.) Erlangga Lubai, SH., MH. As the Legal Counsel and Reporting Party for the Partai IBU, the status of the 9 parties deemed to have failed to qualify as participants in the 2024 General Election is not final, because there are still legal opportunities for political parties to take legal action either through the DKPP, theMahkamah Agung RI  Supreme Court (Judicial Review) or to other parties, State Administrative Court (PTUN).

Erlangga said,” For the Partai IBU, the decision of the RI Bawaslu trial which was decided to state that the KPU did not violate the procedures on September 9, 2022 was not final and the end of the world for the Partai IBU. Even for the Partai IBU, the result of the RI Bawaslu trial’s decision on case report number 003/LP/PL/ADM/RI/00.00/VIII/2022 which was considered by many to be a failure was wrong. For the Partai IBU, the results of the Bawaslu decision have instead become strong legal EVIDENCE for cases in the Administrative Court and it should be noted that the Partai IBU since September 1, 2022 has even registered a Judicial Review application to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia (Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia) long before the Bawaslu trial decision is read, this must be seen that from the beginning the Partai IBU was ready to stand as a PARTY that obeys the law and understands the rules of law,” he said.

“On September 1, 2022, we have submitted an Application for Examination of the General Election Commission Regulation Number 4 of 2022 concerning Registration, Verification, and Determination of Political Parties Participating in the General Election of Members of the People’s Representative Council and Regional People’s Representative Council (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Year 2022 Number 680 ) against Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia of 2017 Number 182), Law Number 2 of 2011 concerning Amendments to Law Number 2 of 2008 concerning Political Parties, Juncto Law Number 2 2008 concerning Political Parties and the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and the registration of the Partai IBU has been officially registered at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia,” he continued.

Dr. (Cand.) Erlangga Lubai, SH., MH. He also admitted that the lawsuit to the Administrative Court had been officially registered. He said, “On September 14, 2022, our lawsuit was registered at the Administrative Court with the number: 314/G/2022/PTUN-JKT. which shows that legally the Partai IBU still has the RIGHT to be a participant in the 2024 election later. We are waiting for the next round. Don’t talk too much, just work and see the results,” he concluded.

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