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KPU RI Admits SIPOL Application is Only a Tool, Not a Determinant of Passing Political Parties as Election Contestants With the issuance of KPU Decree No. 292 Year 2022

Anggota KPU Mochammad Afifuddin, S.Th.I, M.Si., Dr. Idham Holik, SE., M.Si. dalam persidangan di Bawaslu 30 Agustus 2022. – Jakarta, the General Elections Supervisory Body (BAWASLU) of the Republic of Indonesia held a hearing on reports of alleged administrative violations in the registration stages of candidates for the 2024 General Election proposed by Partai Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu (PARTAI IBU) with an agenda for examining the evidence of the complainants and witnesses on Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at 19.00 WIB. in the Meeting Room of the RI Bawaslu Office, Jalan MH. Thamrin, Central Jakarta.

The trial of the RI Bawaslu for Evidence of the Whistleblower 003 was chaired by a Member of the RI Bawaslu – Puadi, S.Pd., MM., M.H. and Totok Hariyono, SH and his staff, attended by the Reporting Party from the IBU Party, namely Dr. (Cand) Erlangga Lubai, SH., MH. and Dharma Leksana, S.Th., M.Si. and the reported KPU RI was represented by KPU Member Mochammad Afifuddin, S.Th.I, M.Si., Dr. Idham Holik, SE., M.Si. and its staff are open to the public and published live on the Indonesian Bawaslu Youtube channel.

YouTube Chanel Bawaslu RI

Dharma Leksana, S.Th., M.Si. as Chairman of the Central Executive Board of the Partai IBU and also as a Reporter on administrative disputes with the RI KPU which is registered with the Bawaslu with Number: 003/LP/PL/ADM/RI/00.00/VIII/2022 questioning the RI KPU Sipol application which is used as a reference to determine whether or not it passes. Political parties in registering as candidates for the 2024 election received a serious response from the Indonesian KPU.

According to Dharma, as is known in the Regulation of the Indonesian General Elections Commission (PKPU RI) Number 04 of 2022 article 13 (1) states:

Article 13

(1) Political Parties that are candidates for election contestants conduct:

data entry and document upload

requirements into the SIPOL.


Article 18

(1) Political Parties that are candidates for election contestants may submit:

registration after sending data and documents

requirements uploaded through Sipol as

referred to in Article 13 to the KPU.

What can be explained is that the registration status of political parties includes:

1. Returned if: data entry and document upload are incomplete; incomplete documents; and documents are not printed from SIPOL.

2. Accepted if: data entry and document upload are complete; complete document; and printed documents from SIPOL.

“The Partai IBU from the beginning of its registration and obtaining a Sipol application account on August 2, 2022 understands that the registration of a Political Party as a candidate for the 2024 election must fill out a Sipol application in order to qualify as a participant in accordance with KPU Regulation Number 4 of 2022 Article 13 and Article 18 as stated above with various kinds of difficulties such as the difficulty of the internet access network in the areas of Papua, West Papua, Gorontalo, Lampung and other regions, technical difficulties in uploading data into the Sipol application, the lack of time to fill out the Sipol application in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Sipol Application System which In the end, the Partai IBU was deemed unable to pass to register itself as a candidate for the 2024 General Election because the file was declared incomplete or Not Qualifying (TMS) according to the version of the Indonesian KPU and the file was returned in accordance with Article 22 PKPU No. 4 of 2022.” He said it to the media crew after the trial at the RI Bawaslu (30/08/2022).

Article 22

(1) During the registration period as intended

in Article 16, KPU returns documents

registration of political parties as candidates for election contestants if:

a. data entry and upload of required documents

become a participant in the General Election as referred to in

in Article 13 is not complete;

b. registration documents as intended

in Article 18 paragraph (4) is incomplete; and/or

c. registration documents are not printed from Sipol

as referred to in Article 18 paragraph (6).

(2) KPU shall give a return sign to the Party

The politics of the election contestant candidates as referred to

in paragraph (1) by using the MODEL


(3) Provisions regarding the MODEL


as referred to in paragraph (2) is listed in the

Appendix IX which is an integral part

of this Commission Regulation.

Dr. (Cand) Erlangga Lubai, SH., MH. and Dharma Leksana, S.Th., M.Si.

According to Dharma Leksana, S.Th., M.Si. as the Reporting Party and the IBU Party’s Sipol account holder said, “strangely, then on August 14, 2022 which is the last day of the registration deadline for the 2024 Election Contesting Political Parties, the General Election Commission Decision Number 292 of 2022 concerning Technical Guidelines for Receiving and Verification of Registration Requirements for Participating Political Parties appears. General Election of Members of the House of Representatives and Regional House of Representatives in the Form of Physical Documents which was also submitted by Idham Kholik at this trial.” he added.

Dharma Leksana continued, “Because we understand that the fulfillment of data on the Sipol Application is in accordance with PKPU No. 4 of 2022 Articles 13 and 18 are absolute as a way for the Partai IBU to qualify as election participants, so we continue to try to fulfill our lack of Progress Data at SIPOL by bringing data files in the form of flash disks (physically) to the KPU RI Office to complete the lack of filling IBU Party’s civil service data along with several other parties until August 16, 2022 at 07.00 WIB. However, because the reference to whether or not our Party passes is based on the provisions of data fulfillment in the SIPOL Application as stated in the Official Report of the MODEL-PENGEMBALIAN.PENDAFTARAN-PARPOL form as one of the legal products that decides whether or not a political party passes to participate in the election. So still the IBU Party was declared not to pass. And in the end we looked for a way out by reporting this administrative dispute to the RI Bawaslu which was received with register number 003/LP/PL/ADM/RI/00.00/VIII/2022 and a trial was held to examine witnesses and evidence of our report today, Tuesday 30 August 2022 at the RI Bawaslu office,” he continued.

“We are grateful at the trial, that the KPU RI recognizes that the Sipol Application is not a determining tool for whether or not the Partai IBU passes as a candidate for the 2024 General Election, as also stated by the Expert Witness that we present, namely Prof. Dr. Zainal Arifin Hoesein, SH., MH. That SIPOL is only an instrument that facilitates the management of useful data for both the RI KPU and political parties, as we can see in his statement on the Indonesian Election Supervisory Body’s Youtube show 003 Whistleblower at minute 1:27:22 on the youtube link: https://www and so on.” he concluded.

It can be seen from the Indonesian Bawaslu Youtube link at 1:52:49 Idham Holik as one of the Commissioners of the Indonesian General Elections Commission (KPU) for the period 2022-2027 who represented the reported KPU RI said, “Related to SIPOL, the Professor had already arrested that basically appreciate SIPOL. Thank you Prof. for the appreciation. And in our PKPU, we also emphasize that it is still possible to submit documents physically and we have also done this in KPU RI Decree No. 292 in order to emphasize that Sipol is an instrument, especially in the context of broader government policies.” He explained in the trial at Bawaslu on Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

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Keputusan KPU RI Nomor 292 Tahun 2022 Tertanggal 14 gustus 2022


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