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0 – Jakarta, the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu’s Party or what is called the “IBU” PARTY has legitimacy as a Political Party in Indonesia with a legal entity and is ready to participate in political contestation by registering to be participants in the 2024 election.

Chairman of the IBU Party, Dr. Dr. Zulki Zulkifli Noor, ST., SH., MH., M.Kn., MM. said, “Thanks be to Allah SWT for the gifts and favors that have been given to us so that the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu’s Party or the IBU PARTY has officially received the Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. This makes us very happy, because the long journey of formation and establishment of the IBU Party by all administrators and cadres from the Sub-branch Leadership Council Level, Branch Leadership Council, Regional Leadership Council and Central Executive Board, Council of Experts and Scholars and the Council of the High Council have received His blessing. , so that we can have a Political Party with Legal Entity.” He said it to the media crew at a press conference held at the Secretariat Office of the Central Executive Board of the IBU Party in Cempaka Putih Tengah, Central Jakarta (24/07/2022).

“Our joint struggle to establish the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party or what we call the “ IBU “ PARTY is not easy. For the establishment or registration of a political party to become a legal entity, there are requirements that must be followed and fulfilled. The requirements are more formal with the fulfillment of administrative files. There are 5 conditions that must be met. Must consist of at least 30 Indonesian citizens who are 21 years old and married. There are at least 50 registered political parties who represent all political parties with a notarial deed. Founders or administrators of political parties are prohibited from concurrently serving in other political parties, the establishment of political parties includes 30 percent of women’s representation. The next provision is that the notary deed must make AD/ART and the management of political parties at the central level.

“Notaries as partners of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. As officials who issue authentic deeds, in this case, political party registration certificates must contain the principles and characteristics of political parties, vision and mission, names of symbols and symbols of political parties, objectives and functions, domicile, management, member recruitment mechanisms Political parties, regeneration system, mechanism for dismissing political party members, political education, political party finance and internal dispute resolution mechanisms for political parties,” said Dr. Dr. Zulki Zulkifli Noor, ST., SH., MH., M.Kn., MM. .

After this provision is fulfilled, the political party is eligible to be registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Directorate General of General Legal Administration as a legal entity organization through the AHU Online application.

The other requirements are submitted directly to the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, apart from a notarial deed, name, symbol or sign of a political party. Another requirement is that the management in each province is at least 75% of the total regencies/cities in the province and 50% of the total sub-districts in the regencies/cities. Other requirements are having a permanent office at the central level to the district/city level, having an account in the name of a political party, and proof of payment of non-tax state revenue (PNBP).

“Allhamdulillah, once again, we are happy because the IBU Party’s struggle to get legality has been achieved, one step has been completed and after getting this KUMHAM Decree, the next step the “IBU” PARTY has the opportunity to register as one of the election participants. The implementation of the 2024 Election will not be much different from the 2019 Election. In the upcoming 2024 Election, it will still refer to Law (UU) Number 7 of 2017 concerning Elections.

Referring to Article 173 Paragraph (1) of Law Number 7 of 2017, political parties participating in the General Election are political parties that have been determined or passed verification by the KPU. As for the registration requirements of political parties participating in the 2024 General Election, it is fully regulated in Article 173 Paragraph (2), including:

1. The status of a legal entity in accordance with the Law on Political Parties;

2. Having management in all provinces;

3. Having management in 75 percent (seventy five percent) of the total regencies/cities in the province concerned;

4. Have management in 50 percent (fifty percent) of the number of sub-districts in the district/city concerned;

5. Include at least 30 percent (thirty percent) of women’s representation in the management of political parties at the central level;

6. Have at least 1,000 (one thousand) members or 1/1,000 (one thousandth) of the total population in the management of political parties as referred to in letter c as evidenced by ownership of membership cards;

7. Have a permanent office for management at the central, provincial, and district/city levels until the last stage of the General Election;

8. Submit the names, symbols, and symbols of political parties to the KPU; and

9. Submit the election campaign fund account number in the name of a political party to the KPU.

“And to meet the requirements above, God willing, the IBU Party will be ready according to the schedule determined by the KPU,” he concluded.

Secretary General of the IBU Party Ir. H. Agus Budiono also expressed his gratitude saying, “Allhamdullilah, the long process of establishing the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party or IBU Party today has paid off. All of this is of course due to the blessing of Allah SWT, so that the IBU Party is allowed to advance to the next round, which is to register as a participant in the 2024 Election. I thank all the administrators and cadres throughout Indonesia who have supported our efforts in the DPP so that today we are truly ready. register as a Party Contesting in the 2024 General Election.” he said.

The activity which was attended by administrators from DPAC, DPD, and DPP throughout Greater Jakarta on Sunday, July 24, 2022, went smoothly and was continued with a friendly event.

(Press Release: Dharma Leksana, S.Th., M.Sc. Chairman of the IBU Party DPP for Communication and Media)


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