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Supporting TimJa in completing the task, 6 Chairs of the IBU Party DPD are present at the DPP office

0 – Jakarta, the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party or known as the IBU Party continues to consolidate its internal organization towards completeness of files to obtain status as a Political Party with a legal entity in accordance with Article 1 point 3 of the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 34 of 2017 (Permenkumham No. 34 Tahun 2017) concerning Procedure for Registration of Establishment of Legal Entities, Amendments to the Articles of Association and Bylaws, and Changes in the Management of Political Parties (“Permenkumham 34/2017”), which states that the registration of political parties is the registration of the establishment and formation of political parties to obtain legalization as legal entities of political parties .

In a marathon, file collection activities such as Certificate of Domicile, SK Kesbangpol and SK KumHam from the DPAC level to the DPD level continue to be carried out seriously by the IBU Party DPP Working Team (TimJa DPP) committee.

On Thursday, February 3rd, they gathered at the Secretariat office of the Central Executive Board (DPP) of the IBU Party on Jalan Cempaka Putih Tengah II No. 2 C Central Jakarta, 6 chairmen of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) from South Sumatra Province Rudy Matjan, from Lampung Haryanto, S.Sos., Papua Rosyeline MakMaker, West Papua Tuti Achmud Weripi, from DKI Jakarta Aziz and from West Java Drs. Eri Garmawan. These DPD Chairs give great support to their colleagues in the DPP who are working to complete their duties.

Drs. Eri Garmawan as Secretary of the TimJa Task Force who is also the Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council of the IBU Party of West Java Province said, “For the national interest, we at the Central Leadership Council (DPP) Office work hard day and night to serve the completeness of the files that we will bring to the Kemenkumham office so that The IBU party can be immediately legalized as a Political Party that is a legal entity,” he told the media Thursday, February 03, 2022 at the Central Jakarta DPP Office.

“All of our strength is mobilized to protect the Amanah of my national brothers and sisters who have worked hard and also completed the party registration documents. We really really want and have sincere intentions to build this party with the spirit of brotherhood, togetherness and equality for Indonesia,” added Aa Eri, Drs. Eri Garmawan.

Tuti Achmud Werippi as the Chair of the TimJa also said, “We at DPP are enthusiastically working hard to complete the complete requirements of 100 percent of DPP, 75 percent of DPC and 50 percent of DPAC in accordance with Permenkumham 34/2017. Hopefully we at DPP can carry out this task. Please pray for support,” he said.

Rosyeline Maker, the Chairperson of the Papua Province DPD, was very proud and excited to see that TimJa was really serious about working so that the IBU Party could immediately get its legality. Rosye said, “I feel touched and at the same time proud to join this great team. I hope that your party will get legality soon and we will work for Indonesia soon.” he said.

Rudy Matjan, the chairman of the South Sumatra DPD, also feels the same way. Rudy said, “My mother’s party will soon become big. Moreover, it is supported by dozens of online media that are ready to publish party activities. I am very excited to join the IBU Party,” he said.

Haryanto, S.Sos Chairman of the DPD Lampung said, “Everything we do and get good results is because of God’s intervention, we at DPP feel it. Hopefully this IBU Party can really bring the Amanah to prosper the community and its members,” he said.

M. Aziz The chairman of the DPD DKI Jakarta also agrees with what the chairman of the DPD Lampung said. Aziz said, “It is a pleasure to join this great Party. Hopefully Trust.” he concluded.

(Mas Dharma L)


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