Beranda LAW Kakanwil Kemenkumham Central Kalimantan Signs IBU’s Party Registration Certificate

Kakanwil Kemenkumham Central Kalimantan Signs IBU’s Party Registration Certificate

0 – Palangka Raya,– After submitting an application for the issuance of a Registered Certificate by the management of the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party (IBU Party) for the Central Kalimantan region at the end of 2021, finally today the signing and submission of a Registered Certificate by the Head of the Office The area of ​​the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Central Kalimantan (Ilham Djaya) where the signing was witnessed directly by the Chair of the IBU Prov. Central Kalimantan (Martin Jakantan Pantar) and carried out in the work room of the Regional Head of Regional Office, Thursday (06/01/2022)

Also present to accompany the Head of the Regional Office, Plh. The Head of the YankumHAM Division (Karyadi), the Head of the Legal Division (Agustina Dayaleluni) and the Head of the Sub-Division of General Law Administration (Anggun Prasetyo Nugroho). For the establishment or registration of a political party to become a legal entity, there are requirements that must be followed and fulfilled. The requirements are more formal with the fulfillment of administrative files. There are 5 conditions that must be met. Must consist of at least 30 Indonesian citizens who are 21 years old and married. There are at least 50 political parties registered as founders who represent all political parties with a notarial deed. Founders or administrators of political parties are prohibited from concurrently serving in other political parties, the establishment of political parties includes 30 percent of women’s representation. The next provision is that the notary deed must make AD/ART and the management of political parties at the central level.

Notary as a partner of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. As an official who issues an authentic deed, in this case the registration deed of a political party, it must contain the principles and characteristics of a political party, vision and mission, the name of the symbol and image of a political party, its objectives and functions, position of office, management, recruitment mechanism for political party members, regeneration system, mechanism dismissal of members of political parties, political education, political party finances and mechanisms for resolving internal political parties’ disputes

After this provision is fulfilled, the political party is eligible to be registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Directorate General of General Legal Administration as a legal entity organization through the AHU Online application. (Red-doc, Public Relations of Central Kalimantan-Holik Ministry of Law and Human Rights, January 2021).

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