Beranda LAW Chairman of the IBU Party Wishes Chinese New Year 2573

Chairman of the IBU Party Wishes Chinese New Year 2573

Zulki Zulkifli
Dr. Dr. Zulki Zulkifli Noor, ST., SH., MH., M.Kn.,, MM. – Jakarta, Dr. Dr. Zulki Zulkifli Noor, ST., SH., MH., M.Kn., MM. wishing the Chinese New Year 2573 Kongzili at the Office of the Central Executive Board of the Cempaka Putih Party, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (1/2).

“I am the Chairperson of the Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party as we called PARTAI IBU, wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year 2573 to the Chinese community who are currently commemorating it. May the Chinese New Year bring blessings to all,” he said.

“The Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu Party or the IBU Party carries out Bhineka Tunggal Ika, Togetherness, Brotherhood, Equality in accordance with the Vision and Mission of the formation of this Party.” he said.

There are 5 Vision and Mission of the IBU Party, namely:

Generating mutual respect and respect in social life in equality and togetherness;

Generating capabilities and expertise by improving the quality of independent human resources who are educated, skilled, dynamic and sustainable based on civilized human values ​​and still uphold human rights;

Generating unity for a sense of working hand in hand, working together, and sharing the same fate in maintaining a safe, peaceful and peaceful life with equality and togetherness in the nation and state;

Generating Unity to uphold justice and increase prosperity in a life that adheres to a people’s economy in order to create a strong, dynamic and sustainable economic resilience;

Generating unity to maintain the values ​​of the nation and state in a political life that is authoritative, trustworthy, and open to maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The diversity of ethnicity, race, nations, language and culture in Indonesia is a wealth of its own that we must be grateful for and maintain. Today the Chinese people celebrate their big day, so we should be happy and congratulate them,” he concluded.

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