Beranda OPINION Ir. Agus Budiono the Secretary General of the IBU Party

Ir. Agus Budiono the Secretary General of the IBU Party

Agus Budiono
Sekjen Partai Ibu – Jakarta, the United Indonesia Rising Party or what is called the IBU PARTY has been registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of Mother’s Day.

The Secretary General of the Central Executive Board of the IBU Party is currently chaired by Ir. Agus Budiono. Born in Bandung, October 23, 1961, completed his formal education at SD Merdeka 5 Bandung, SMP Negeri 2 Bandung, SMA Negeri 29 Jakarta, College of Informatics & Computers Jakarta S1 (Bachelor) Program in Management Informatics, has attended several management courses both in at home and abroad Work experience at the State Oil & Gas Pertamina (Pertamina) for 29 years by carrying out several activities, including joining the Pertamina Restructuring Team to study and change the logo, the Concept Preparation Team for an integrated system (Enterprise Resource Planning) SAP R/3, in the field of Public Relations, Pertamina, held the positions of Internal Communication Manager and Corporate Brand Manager. Experience in political parties has held the position of Secretary of the Upper House of the United Indonesia Bangkit Bersatu (“IBU”) and now serves as Secretary General of the IBU Party.


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