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Ahead of the Implementation of the Regular Education Program Batch 63, a number of participants re-register

Lemhanas Jakarta, In 2022, the National Resilience Institute of the Republic of Indonesia (Lemhannas RI) will organize the Regular Education Program Force (PPRA) 63 and PPRA 64. PPRA 63 is planned to be held from January to August 2022 with followed by 100 participants. After being declared to have passed the Academic Potential Test (TPA) some time ago, PPRA 63 participants took part in the re-registration at the Diponegoro Room, Pancagatra Building, Lemhannas RI. The re-registration is carried out for three days, starting from January 10 to 12, 2022.

Before PPRA 63 Participants re-register face to face, Lemhannas RI has given all participants a user id and password to access the e-participant application and several forms that must be filled out. When re-registering face-to-face at Lemhannas RI, participants will be asked to submit the results of a Covid-19-free swab test.

Next will be taking photos of participants for identity cards, followed by initial registration to complete additional files needed during the education period, then passport checks and submission of softfiles. After that, participants will be verified for the needs of e-participants and given the submission of educational schedules and educational materials.

There are 100 PPRA 63 participants consisting of several elements, namely 16 members of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), 40 Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) elements, 16 Indonesian National Police (Polri) elements, and other elements. as many as 28 people.

The Regular Education Program (PPRA) is one of the educational programs organized by the Indonesian National Defense Institute. Initially, PPRA was called the Regular Forces Course (KRA) and started in 1965. KRA I 1965 was opened directly by President Soekarno and continued with the first lecture on geo-politics. After 56 years, now KRA has changed to PPRA and has been held up to 63 times.

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