Beranda OPINION Jakarta Gymnastics Community Mothers Join the IBU Party

Jakarta Gymnastics Community Mothers Join the IBU Party

0 – Jakarta, On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the office of the Central Executive Board of the IBU Party was visited by women who are members of the Jakarta gymnastics community.

These women are gymnastics instructors who are still active in their communities, and currently they are asking to join the IBU Party to be able to fight for gymnastics activities which they feel have not received optimal support from the government.

In an interview with the online media team, Mrs. Erni as the chair of the gymnastics instructor said, “We are happy to join the IBU Party and really hope that our aspirations for mothers to continue to be able to maintain health with gymnastics activities can be assisted by the government,” he said.

Siti Maesaroh, one of the gymnastics instructors, also hopes that the government will pay attention to them. Siti said, “I hope the government can provide assistance to the gymnastics community, especially for the provision of honoraria for gymnastics instructors, because until now there has been no government attention. Maybe the IBU Party can participate in fighting for our rights as gymnastics instructors,” she said.

“The IBU Party is a party that is open to all, the IBU Party will help fight for the rights of these gymnastic women activists to get assistance from the government,” said Aziz, Chair of the DPD IBU Party of DKI Province.

(Dharma Leksana)


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